Sharon Telephone Company


Understanding Internet speeds isn’t super easy to grasp for all customers, yet. But, this much is simple: Faster is better. With it, you can do what you want and have the Internet experience you desire.

With our new packages, faster is now more affordable too! Faster and better is what you deserve, so consider a new package today.

You need more speed because the stuff we are all doing online demands it. Facebook offers a lot more videos now. News sites have video stories or weather forecasts – and we have not spoken about video streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu. Video requires huge amounts of Internet speed.

You also have many more devices using your home or office Internet connection. Each device is capable of doing all the tasks above and many more. So, it makes sense that we all need all the Internet speed we can get. 

Sharon Telephone Internet customers can get 5Mb, 8Mb or 12Mb packages – and in some places, where our fiber network is complete, you can get 5Mb, 15Mb & 25Mb package. Great Internet is a really Big Deal because not everyone has it, but you do!